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Teaching Schools – an outsider’s (possibly flawed) impression

Earlier this week I attended a BELMAS event in London about teaching schools. It’s been a while since I‘ve been at an event like this and I really enjoyed it.  Why did I go? We often look across the border … Continue reading

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In March the NSW Government announced its blueprint for improving schooling.  The action plan includes raising entry requirements for teaching courses at universities and ensuring the quality of initial teacher education is regularly assessed.  This is a positive move. Attracting…

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Understanding teacher agency: The importance of relationships

Priestley, M., Biesta, G.J.J. & Robinson, S. (2012). Understanding teacher agency: The importance of relationships. A paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, Canada, 13-17 April 2012 This paper is really interesting and reinforces … Continue reading

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Education Scotland Learning Week

One thing to be celebrated: Education Scotland (where I work for the time being until February) organised a Learning Week for all staff. This, I think, is a great concept. A proramme was devised which was made up of sessions … Continue reading

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One today!

Happy birthday! it’s been exactly a year since this blog was born. As I said, it is a quiet wee blog, it doesn’t get huge traffic but it serves its purpose to be my sounding board and reflective journal for … Continue reading

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Is Learning Changing?

We’ve been snowbound for coming-up two weeks now this weekend. The children’s schools are at various stages of open or closing, and all three at different times, which goes for busy mornings, checking twitter or websites, or making and taking … Continue reading

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Stephen Downes on the Role of the Educator

First written for the National CPD Team Blog I came across this really thought-provoking blogpost written by Stephen Downes, the Canadian education technology research specialist, it’s  a probing insight into many issues which resonate with the thinking of the National CPD … Continue reading

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The #Glaikit Lurkers Debate

This was the most interesting part of the last two days for me. If you’ve been following the #glaikit twitterstream, you don’t need any further explanation. If not, I’ve spent the last two days in a sort of creative hothouse … Continue reading

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