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SERA poverty and education network meeting 16th June 2015

SERA joined forces with the College Development Network and Scotland’s colleges to take part in the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas (#DangerousEd) – an annual ideas-fest full of interesting and creative change-orientated dangerous ideas, conversations and gatherings by and for educators … Continue reading

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Old Glow is dead. Long live Glow.

A day of days. The world’s first national intranet for schools had a significant moment today. Glow, the original running mate in 2004 for our new curriculum policy, Curriculum for Excellence has been shut down to give way to its … Continue reading

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Teacher Education, Teachers’ Work group

I’m just back from doing a talk at Glasgow University to the TETW group about Learning Rounds. I was very flattered to be asked and the interest was considerable, if attendance at these workshops counts as a reliable indicator. The … Continue reading

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What’s happening?

Just reflecting on what have been the priorities since the new year. I’ve mostly been working on: -developing an online framework for educational leadership -working on the Strategic Leadership Development Programme as commissioned by the Scottish Government -responding to planning … Continue reading

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Education Scotland Learning Week

One thing to be celebrated: Education Scotland (where I work for the time being until February) organised a Learning Week for all staff. This, I think, is a great concept. A proramme was devised which was made up of sessions … Continue reading

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One today!

Happy birthday! it’s been exactly a year since this blog was born. As I said, it is a quiet wee blog, it doesn’t get huge traffic but it serves its purpose to be my sounding board and reflective journal for … Continue reading

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Using RSS: CPD is all around!

I’ve been messing about trying to gather up some useful blog feeds that I have either  been reading for a while  or have come across recently and have learned loads of things about using RSS and how useful it can be. … Continue reading

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Stephen Downes on the Role of the Educator

First written for the National CPD Team Blog I came across this really thought-provoking blogpost written by Stephen Downes, the Canadian education technology research specialist, it’s  a probing insight into many issues which resonate with the thinking of the National CPD … Continue reading

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The future of teacher education

This morning, being another stuck-in-the-snow day (groan), I listened to the MFL flashmeeting that happened last night. It was really nice to see all the folks who were taking part – some of them do feel like real friends now, even … Continue reading

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The #Glaikit Lurkers Debate

This was the most interesting part of the last two days for me. If you’ve been following the #glaikit twitterstream, you don’t need any further explanation. If not, I’ve spent the last two days in a sort of creative hothouse … Continue reading

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