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SERA poverty and education network meeting 16th June 2015

SERA joined forces with the College Development Network and Scotland’s colleges to take part in the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas (#DangerousEd) – an annual ideas-fest full of interesting and creative change-orientated dangerous ideas, conversations and gatherings by and for educators … Continue reading

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The ILiAD study: Investigating Links in Achievement and Deprivation

This is a big 3 year study taking place in Northern Ireland, under the direction of Professor Ruth Leitch which has government funding. Prof Leitch came along to give a seminar today to the School of Education at Stirling University, … Continue reading

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Some random and unstructured reflections on Bourdieu.

Bourdieu (Rawolle, Lingard 2013) Using Mark Murphy’s (ed) indispensable Social Theory and Education Research (2013) here are some random and unstructured reflections on Bourdieu. Broad –brush concepts: field; habitus, capital: practice PITR “Pierre Bourdieu” @ Parigi giugno 2010 by StrifuAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike … Continue reading

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