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SERA poverty and education network meeting 16th June 2015

SERA joined forces with the College Development Network and Scotland’s colleges to take part in the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas (#DangerousEd) – an annual ideas-fest full of interesting and creative change-orientated dangerous ideas, conversations and gatherings by and for educators … Continue reading

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What do professional learning policies say about the purposes of teacher education?

Aileen Kennedy (2014): What do professional learning policies say about the purposes of teacher education?  Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, DOI:10/1080.1359866x.2014.9940279 I’m preparing a 7 minute research paper for our next “teachmeet” tomorrow (we need a better name – researchmeet sounds … Continue reading

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Old Glow is dead. Long live Glow.

A day of days. The world’s first national intranet for schools had a significant moment today. Glow, the original running mate in 2004 for our new curriculum policy, Curriculum for Excellence has been shut down to give way to its … Continue reading

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Policy reunion event – Curriculum for Excellence

On Friday I attended the above seminar at Glasgow University. I’d never attended an event like this before. It was run by the Policy Scotland people who worked with the Robert Owen Centre, I believe, to put on this event. … Continue reading

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The Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change

I attended the launch of the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change last night at Glasgow University.It was an enjoyable event and the focus on disadvantage and research to challenge and change it is  both admirable and immense. Interesting questions from the audience laid out … Continue reading

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One today!

Happy birthday! it’s been exactly a year since this blog was born. As I said, it is a quiet wee blog, it doesn’t get huge traffic but it serves its purpose to be my sounding board and reflective journal for … Continue reading

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Latest assignment: Glow as a policy context

So I finally get the feedback on my policy assignment. I chose Glow as a policy context – it was actually a very challenging choice, as there is so far, little available in terms of research to reference. I really … Continue reading

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Let the Os & Es remain slaves not masters to the main purpose of change in CfE

  I’ve been looking at policy recently and considering CfE and Glow as policy constucts and it’s been really interesting – hard work but rewarding to be able to  understand them in a different way. I found  this module challenging … Continue reading

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Policy: vision or mission or………?

I got quite excited when I saw what my old colleague Ewan McIntosh had been reading about on facebook. Actually I think he’s been writing about it in various blogs and sharing it .  He shared this link to the  Becta blog and it related … Continue reading

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Educational Policies: the Finnish Approach

I’m reading a paper by Pasi Sahleberg on policy in Finland. As a country, population wise  it is similar in size to Scotland, and occupies an eqally marginal location in relation to Europe. This paper offers an interesting exploration of policy … Continue reading

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