About me

I initially started working in education as a languages teacher in primary and secondary schools before taking a secondment to Scottish CILT in 2004 as a professional development facilitator. Working in the professional development of teachers was something I enjoyed very much and I move to the National CPD team in 2011, but the team didn’t last long after being absorbed into Education Scotland – 6 months and then we were effectively disbanded. I taught at Stirling University on the ITE programme (initial teacher education)and I’m now a lecturer in education at the University of the West of Scotland which is great. Much of the work I was involved with at NCPD team was online facilitation for teacher professional learning, and I’ve been able to continue this for SELMAS, the educational  leadership forum; occasionally for SCSSA, and  I’m also involved with the government funded Strategic Leadership Development Programme in a coaching capacity, under the direction of Dan McGinty. I’m interested in teacher professional learning; collaborative practices; technology in learning; leadership development and system-wide change in education.
I was awarded my M.Ed in November 2012  and am now enrolled on the Stirling University PhD programme. The M.Ed was the reason I started this blog, so it is definitely going to be a big feature of my PhD as well. The PhD study is building on what I learned from my M.Ed study into learning rounds, as you’ve probably gathered by now. I’m really encouraged by the interest it seems to inspire – there certainly seems to be a big appetite out there in the education community for more knowledge about it. I think it’s definitely an area where much more research is needed.  I’ve got two fantastic supervisors to work with (Professor Mark Priestley and Dr John I’Anson) and am very excited (and apprehensive) about what lies ahead.

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Academic conference presentations 

SERA (University of the West of Scotland) Ayr, Nov 2012: Presentation: A Masters’ study of Learning Rounds.

BERA early stage researchers’ symposium (University of Glasgow) October 2013:  An overview of learning rounds study.

SERA (University of Glasgow) Nov 2013: Presentation with Dr Carey Philpott: Instructional Rounds: how the Scottish experience can inform the international debate

Stirling School of Education annual doctoral conference (University of Stirling), May 2014
poster presentation : an international literature review of instructional rounds
presentation: An empirical study of learning rounds

 ProPEL International Conference; (University of Stirling) June 2014. Poster presentation – Learning Rounds as a migrating practice: an international literature review.

SERA/WERA (University of Edinburgh) Nov 2014. Presentation with Dr Carey Philpott: Learning Rounds and the development of teacher agency; an empirical study in Scottish schools.

SERA/WERA (University of Edinburgh) Nov 2014. Learning Rounds: a PhD study of a migrated practice in Scottish schools.

ECER (Corvinus University, Budapest) September 2015. Presentation with Professor Carey Philpott: Teacher Agency in Collaborative Professional Development: Missing in Action?

SERA (University of Aberdeen) Nov 2015. Presentation with Nighet Rasim Riaz: Methodological difficulties of early – career researchers in schools.

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