Professor David Hopkins on Learning Rounds at SCSSA

At the SCSSA national conference 2012 Professor David Hopkins explains the work he has done on Instructional Rounds in UK and Australian schools.

A useful prelude to any school wishing to carry out a Learning Round: Prof Hopkins identifies a set of 10 “known issues” which repeatedly occurred as the focus of the Instructional Rounds he carried out in UK and Australian schools – this could bypass an important part of the LR – defining a problem of practice – for future participants, would it be wise to leave aside the analysis of school data and context (at considerable length) as advised by Elmore et al in order to arrive at a concern which is specific to your circumstances in your school?
He also talks about the leadership implications of doing this work – agreement on protocols, defining the spirit of enquiry and other topical concerns for practitioners. More on Professor Hopkins’ work here and here


About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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