So the hard work begins…..

I got my reading list for the second PhD workshop – not for the faint-hearted I think is first thought that comes to mind. I will be busy ……….

   1. Using Social Theory book:
Sarah Whatmore Investigating the field – introduction pp. 67-69 
Doreen Massey Imagining the field

Assignment: For the Massey chapter, write your responses and questions (max one side of A4) and bring ready to share. This is to be informal, exploratory writing, not a polished essay!

2. Bring one scholarly article or chapter that you are reviewing for your own research. Be prepared to share its overall perspective, key points, and key contribution to your understanding of the literature informing your research.

3. Research question: Come prepared to share your current formulation of the aims and questions guiding your own proposed research.

4. Articles for reading: We will be discussing two themes exploring critical views of knowing and learning through a series of readings, as listed below. Spend time deliberating each piece. Come prepared to discuss it in terms of its key ideas, and its relation to your own thinking and to your research. You might wish to bring your written notes to share in our group dialogues.


  1. Knowing and learning: critical explorations Paavola, S. and Hakkairnen, K. (2005).
  2. The knowledge creation metaphor. Science & Education 14: 535–557Hager, P. Lee, A., and Reich, A. (2012). √
  3.  Problematizing practice, reconceptualising learning and imagining change. In Practice, learning, change (pp1-14). Springer. Biesta, G. (2007). Why ‘‘what works’’ won’t work: evidence-based practice and the democratic deficit in educational research. Educational Theory 57 (1): 2-22 √
  4. Butler, J. What is Critique? An Essay on Foucault’s Virtue. pp. 1-20.2.   
  5.  Practice, professions, and professional learning: Stronach, I, Corbin, B, McNamara, O, Stark, S and Warne, T (2002).


  1.  Towards an uncertain politics of professionalism: teacher and nurse identities in flux. Journal of Education Policy, 17(1): 109 – 138 Colley, H, James, D and Diment, K (2007). √


  1. Unbecoming teachers: towards a more dynamic notion of professional participation. Journal of Education Policy, 22 (2): 173 — 193 Fenwick, T. (2013). √


  1.  Understanding transitions in professional practice and learning: towards new questions for research. Journal of Workplace Learning. Edwards, A. (2005). 


  1. Relational agency: Learning to be a resourceful practitioner. International Journal of Educational Research 43: 168–182. √


  1. Watson, C. (2012). Effective professional learning communities? The possibilities for teachers as agents of change in schools. British Education Research Journal. √

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I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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