Why the world needs introverts

Thanks to Ferghal Kelly for sharing this  Guardian article  – it raises lots of questions about the sort of society we are aspiring towards with the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. I’ve never really understood the emphasis on confidence to perform that is celebrated in our schools, and have seen a lot of questionable behaviour that passes for confidence in many situations, so is it time to re-evaluate the four capacities?  Could it be that worshipping the extrovert ideal  is actually just wrong? There might be some quiet voices among a generation of young people who would thank us for raising this question.



About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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2 Responses to Why the world needs introverts

  1. Plenty of food for thought here, Catriona! I’m not sure, though, that self confidence equates to extroversion. I think individuals who are naturally introverted and reflective need a sort of quiet confidence and self assurance if they are indeed to make their mark in the world. Perhaps we need to unpack what we mean by a ‘confident individual’; to nurture those who display that quality in less obvious ways; and to raise awareness amongst more extrovert leaders of the range of ways in which confidence can be manifested. Thanks for starting the ball rolling – for me, anyway!

  2. catrionao says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Hilary – and it’s lovely to hear from you! You’re right to flag up the danger of blurring the boundary between confident and extrovert, and I was aware of this when I posted (and should have clarified, in hindsight) but my concern is that confidence in schools is too often understood as extrovert, and maybe that’s where the conversation needs to start?

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