What’s happening?

Just reflecting on what have been the priorities since the new year. I’ve mostly been working on:

-developing an online framework for educational leadership
-working on the Strategic Leadership Development Programme as commissioned by the Scottish Government
-responding to planning demands at work regarding the “new organisation”
-work of the CPD team within the “Teaching Scotland’s Future” review
– supporting colleagues on our online communities in a business a usual type of way.

Its a strange place to be at the moment, being really busy trying to tie up all the loose ends before end of contract in February, but also being involved in some of these exciting developments which will obviously have a lifespan way beyond that date and big implications for the future. I just wish I had a bit more time to do them all justice.

About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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