Is Learning Changing?

Screenshot of Aberdeenshire's Snow Special Glow group

We’ve been snowbound for coming-up two weeks now this weekend. The children’s schools are at various stages of open or closing, and all three at different times, which goes for busy mornings, checking twitter or websites, or making and taking phonecalls to find out which of the three schools they go to are operational. There’s something a bit different about this episode of challenging weather however, first thing – you’ll already have noticed that we use twitter to check the status of schools, and also roads. Our local council set up a twitterfeed, a facebook page, and when the website crashed they set up a blog in quick response. This hasn’t happened before and for me it’s a reflection of the increase in so-called “social ” media tools for day to day, and professional purposes.

Secondly, having pioneered “Make you snow day a glow day” last year in Aberdeenshire, the good folks up there set about creating a glow community for closure schools, and opened it up nationally, fo everyone to use. Rumor has it there have been over 20 000 hits to the site – check it out. ( Sorry, the link will work for Glow users only).

This idea was new last year, but it seems that this year, it’s catching on – more people are trying it. Colleagues south of the border have been engaging in similar activities, using edmodo, moodle and other online learning platforms. There’s less of a novelty feeling about it all and more of a let’s just get on with it feeling. We’ve got the tools – why not?  I’m wondering if this might be a bit of a pivotal moment for us, when there is a more widespread acceptance that online learning is something we need to take seriously, and it’s a part of our lives that just might be here to stay? Is it something we will quite soon come to expect? Just a thought. What are yours?


About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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