Inanimate Alice: Guest Post by Diarmid

This is a guest post by my son Diarmid. I was at the Literacy and Numeracy event today at St Modan’s High School and was chatting with the ever – inspiring Mr Literacy Adviser, Bill Boyd, who gave a really interesting, challenging and entertaining keynote on changing literacies in a digital world. Chatting to him later he was telling me more about Inanimate Alice; this would be good for Diarmid,I thought. So I came home and we had a look. Diarmid (age 9) spent most of the afternoon reading, listening to, playing with and engaging in this new concept that needs a new word to describe it. It’s a story that was born digital, as Bill says.  It’s a multi sensory world to enter into.
Diarmid “read” the first few chapters,  then we set up a Glow Blog  (on my account as he doesn’t have one yet) for him to record his thoughts on reading, as that’s one of the tasks he needs to do. As the Glow blog is obviously closed within Glow  and his class aren’t on Glow yet, I thought it might be interesting for him to publish his work here and see what comments he gets,  so here he is a a guest author on my blog. 

this is inanimate Alice

This is a Digital Book. It does not exist on paper. Reading it makes you feel just like Alice, because you can go on her player and use her things. 

 The main character is Alice. She loves playing games, and is very skilled she navigated to find her dad in chapter one who was lost. Alice is adventurous and is the type of person who knows what to do.  Alice and her mum (Ning) are trying to search for her dad in their Jeep which has giant wheels, a big satellite transmitter, and goes very fast.

The bumpy road comes as soon as Alice turns on her player which helps them navigate, the player takes photos of wildflowers when Ning says its too fast and it sends them to John, Ning and Alice get frightend when the sky starts to hum. then Brad (the helper) guides them both to John who is spotted running down a hill waving his torch with no signal and a broken down jeep THE END      

      PS I thought this was fun because you can listen to music and play games, and find a doll in every section while you are reading this story. You can use your dolls to collect enough to play a game with them.


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I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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12 Responses to Inanimate Alice: Guest Post by Diarmid

  1. Mr Wood says:

    That was a great summary, I liked the sound effects. What country do you think the next episode will be?

  2. catrionao says:

    Oh wow – how exciting! Diarmid will be thrilled to get a comment from NZ! I can’t wait till he comes home from school to tell him! We’ll have a look at you blog too! Thanks so much for your interest.

  3. Ian Harper says:

    Hi there,

    I’m Ian, working on the Inanimate Alice series. It was great to read of Diarmid’s enthusiasm for the story – our idea is that students like Diarmid will grow up with Alice, from class to class, from year to year….the well-loved story acting as a base for a variety of lessons.

    ….and I am in Minneapolis (Land of 10,000 Lakes) USA.

  4. Bill Boyd says:

    Great blogpost Diarmid. You are one of Alice’s early fans but I think she is going to have many more when people get to hear about her adventures. I’ll bet you are racing through the episodes but the good thing is you can go through them as many times as you like and keep finding new things. Happy reading!


  5. catrionao says:

    great comments thank you everone.

    I am finding alice quite fun and i showed the blog to my class

  6. Greetings from New Jersey Diarmid! I want to let you know that your fantastic blog post is now up on the Inanimate Alice Facebook page. Take a look!
    Glad you enjoyed experiencing what it would be like to walk in Alice’s shoes!

  7. John Connell says:

    You know, Diarmid, I have watched, listened to and read all four episodes of Inanimate Alice, and I’m ashamed to admit I did not collect one single doll! I need to go back to the start again 🙂

    Great review of this exciting resource. Thank you, Diarmid.


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  9. catrionao says:

    John if you want a hint on how to find the dolls maybe you can look around the background scenes and click on the dolls when you find them
    but unlucky first time from Diarmid

  10. Nick says:

    Good stuff. I have heard about the Media Book form others. I think the LS staff are initerested in it too.

    Mr T

  11. catrionao says:

    Diarmid’s next task in his reading log is to write a letter to the author of a book he has read. Here’s his letter to Ian Harper.

    Dear Ian Harper

    Thank you so much for looking at my blog. It has been a pleasure talking with you and I have also so enjoyed reading your books because they are very fun to play on and unusual.

    I liked it how you combined it into a story and a game and the music and language was great.

    An exciting moment for me was when they were on the russian motorway and a guard came along.

    When will the next episode come out and which country will it be?

    Hope you do more in the future and good luck over the years.

    Best wishes Diarmid

  12. John Warren says:

    Hello from Santa Monica, CA!
    I wonder if little Alice ever imagined that she would have so many friends and fans all over the world. I am very interested in how books and stories are changing in the digital age, and I had the great joy to discuss Inanimate Alice in October 2009 in Edinburgh, at the International Conference of the Book.
    Every time that i get the chance to talk to publishers, teachers, and librarians about Alice, they get very excited and instantly become friends of hers as well. I think we will be seeing more stories like this one in the near future, though I don’t know if they will be as good as Inanimate Alice.

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