The new paradigm

I really enjoyed listening to Sir Ken Robinson and following the fantastic animation of his talk from Julie Boyd’s blog  forwarded on to me by my good friend Hilary McColl – always a great source of useful links, thought and resources(Thanks Hilary).
Heard him at SLF a few years ago and his message is still relevant. If we are serious about making meaningful change in education, the structures, values, objectives and belief systems upon which education is built need to change as well- the paradigm needs to shift. What I understand by this is system-wide change, and the National CPD team is working hard to find ways of effecting this in Scotland. We talk a lot about change, times of change, continuous change; in discussions at Leadership Summer School 2010, and CPD Question Time we imagine how this might happen, what would our schools look like, feel like and be like; but every part of the system needs to change and needs to embrace and believe in the new paradigm – is this where we hit the buffers?
Sir Ken talks about the philosophical perspective of the enlightenment and the industrial revolution as both the catalysts for change and the drivers of the education system we have known and used until now. Today we have not one philosophical perspective, not one economic or cultural driver, but many of all of these – is this another reason we hit the buffers?
Incremental change is manageable and effective, but can take too long. What is the elixir of effective, sustainable, radical system wide change ? How do we get to the new paradigm?


About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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