Latest assignment: Glow as a policy context

So I finally get the feedback on my policy assignment. I chose Glow as a policy context – it was actually a very challenging choice, as there is so far, little available in terms of research to reference. I really do hope this will change: I think it is crucial to its credibility that Glow is researched and evaluated thoroughly. There are a few enthusiasts and critics who are out there  doing some digging – but it’s not their project – it’s really up to government now to make the checks and evaluate the balance on Glow, which they really should want to do if they care enough to make it credible, successful and do  all the things it is capable of doing. Personally, I struggle with Glow in many respects ( I’m not an instinctive tech-savvy person, but I like what tech can do). Working at a national level, however,  I really do value its potential for sharing, connecting, and enhancing teachers’ professional knowledge and development. 

Another brilliant thing about Glow is that it exists only as far as you mediate it for yourself as a teacher, so it is a perfect example of policy as process. Choose not to engage? It means very little. Choose to explore its potential for learning? It becomes what you want it to be.

So, if you are interested, I’ve uploaded my assignment to scribd. And the feedback was good:-)


About catrionao

I'm a lecturer at UWS and a PhD student at Stirling University, studying a school based practice of teacher professional learning.
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